Here Are 10 Tips To Make Your First Tattoo Successful


Dermatologist from Birmingham removing a tattoo
Picture of a dermatologist removing a tattoo in Birmingham

Initially, tattoos were considered permanent. You could not remove the tattoo even if it no longer
inspires you. You had to live with the tattoo all your life. So if the tattoo
tormented you, it could do so till you take it into the grave with you.

Then, technology gave birth to some crude methods which were highly used before the 90’s. These
methods included salabrasion where salt was rubbed on the tattooed region and
dermabrasion techniques with acids to corrode the skin up to the dermis.

Later on, cryosurgery and excision was implored. For bigger tattoos skin grafts were performed. Then
in the early 90’s something beautiful happened to the field of tattoo removal.
A technique called laser tattoo was born.

Machine used in Laser Tattoo Removal

In Birmingham the newer Q switched laser machine is available in various centers. This machine has very
rare chances of scaring the skin. The Q switched laser machine available has multiple wavelength adjustments enabling it to deal with a wider range of tattoos.

Laser tattoo removal technology in Birmingham grew very fast. Right now all you have to do is visit
a dermatologist and the tattoo will be worked upon. The technique is as easy as
A, B, C… and the procedure is non invasive.

The Technique behind Laser Tattoo Removal

A laser light is beamed
on the tattoo. The beam breaks down the ink into smaller particles. As a result
the immune system recognizes the ink as foreign particles and since they are vey
small particles, the immune system can effectively break them down and clear
the tattoo.

Hard to remove tattoos – the yellows and fluorescents

If you go for a tattoo, the Birmingham dermatologists recommends that you go for the darker black and
blues. Avoid the yellow and fluorescent pigmented tattoos since they are hard
to remove compared to the darker dyes of black and blue.

The reason stated for the above is that the yellow and fluorescent tattoos has
light absorption spectra falling outside the laser beam. It is therefore hard
to break them. So any tattoo combination titanium dioxide is hard to remove
since titanium has reflective properties.

Duration it takes for tattoo removal

Professionally done tattoos take a while to do disappear. You will need approximately 6-12
session depending with the color of the tattoo used. A session of tattoo
removal takes about 10-20 minutes. However armature tattoos disappears within
three sessions only.

Is it Safe, Does it hurt?

A topical anesthesia is applied on the skin prior to the procedure. After that a
laser beam is passed over the skin. You will feel a rubbery warm sensation on
the skin. This doesn’t hurt at all an eth Birmingham dermatology doctors are
experienced at their work.


stipulates that approximately 25 people who have had a tattoo would want it
removed at a certain time of their lives. Also most people rush into taking
their first tattoo and feel like they need a change after a certain period of

you are one of such person, you should not worry at all. Walk into a
Birmingham dermatologist and get that tattoo removed. Also as a rule of thumb
when doing your first tattoo, use blue or dark colored ink it is easier to